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Yongquan automation equipmentFull set of production equipment for capacitive touch screen

Yongquan - Manufacturer laminating equipmentSet R & D, production, sales as one of the equipment manufacturing enterprises,
loyal to the quality, do a good job in every machine

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3D curved surface vacuum laminating machine

Purpose of equipment:1. It is used for bonding 3D curved glass protective sheet with protective film. 2. It is used for bonding 3D curved glass cover plate with tear film. 3. It is used to fit the 3D surface cover plate with OLED.

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CCD automatic alignment and laminating machine

Purpose of equipment:It is suitable for bonding with soft film, soft film and soft film of ITO.

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Yq-e0822 automatic defoamer

SCA hard to hard laminating machine

Purpose of equipment:It is suitable for large and medium size G + G and full lamination in SCA / OCF hot melt adhesive process, and can also be used for hard to hard lamination in OCA process.

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Large size cage laminating machine

Ingenuitytechnology · strictly controls every linkpreciseness is an attitude, in order to let you buy better products, we strive to perfect every detail

choiceYongquanFour advantagesCommitted to the quality control of each production link, in order to improve the quality control system



    Focus on laminating machine equipment manufacturers for 8 years

    From the beginning of the rise of intelligent terminal in 2012, the company is committed to the research of touch screen lamination technology

    Independent R & D, production, processing, assembly and after-sales, at present, many customers have used our equipment, and our professional technical team has continuously focused on R & D, building the brand strength of the industry.

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    Quality assurance


    Strictly implement the quality management system

    Quality comes from details, in order to let you buy better products, strive to improve every detail, from accessories to technology, are pouring into Yongquan automation equipment people's pursuit of quality.

    We will constantly improve each process and make sure that every process will meet the requirements of self-improvement.

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    Delivery on time


    Quality and speed, we pursue simultaneously

    The company has experienced technical production team, and into a variety of sophisticated production and testing equipment, good control of product quality and production speed, further guarantee the delivery of equipment.

    It can be supplied in stock, which can be delivered on the same day. For specific models, the professional design team can draw, proofing and put into production after being satisfied with customer requirements.

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    We will provide you with considerate service

    Our company provides customers with after-sales service hotline, technical hotline and quality assurance hotline, and professional and technical personnel open mobile phones to provide services 24 hours a day.

    Your satisfaction is our wish, we adhere to this concept, constantly strive to improve our strength, to provide better products and services for the majority of new and old customers.

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Yongquan · caseYongquan has provided thousands of customers with full fitting equipment production service

The curved surface laminating machine fits the mobile phone screen in one step to ensure the fitting quality and efficiency.
The car industry has successfully applied laminating machine technology, which can ensure the quality and efficiency of lamination.
Multi screen touch screen application, one-step fit in place to ensure the quality and efficiency of lamination.

enterYongquan automationWith professional quality, with service to create brilliant, Yongquan your choice of trust

Shenzhen Yongquan automation equipment Co., Ltd., established in 2012, is located in Guanhu street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, with a registered capital of 10 million. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, design, production and sales of capacitive touch screen and display screen full set of laminating equipment.

"Solve customer problems, promote the development of the industry" is our mission. Company in large and medium size lamination equipment......

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Yongquan automation equipment

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