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Product introduction of soft to hard automatic laminating machine

What is a Soft to hard automatic laminating machine? Yongquan introduces you.

With the development of science and technology, enterprises nowadays are no longer the kind of purely relying on manpower to complete work in the past. High-tech applications are gradually being accepted by more enterprises, and automation equipment has become an indispensable tool for enterprises. In the liquid crystal display industry, the soft-to-hard board laminating machine independently developed by Yongquan Automation has grown into the industry leader.

1. Overview of Soft to hard automatic laminating machine equipment

1. Imported electricity and gas accessories, PLC controller and touch screen system, high-precision constant temperature heating

Soft to hard automatic laminating machine

2. Imported silent vacuum pump with fast positive and negative pressure conversion control system, automatic vacuum induction device, to ensure the bonding yield ≥99%.

3. The independent air purification unit cooperates with the acrylic protective panel, and the air is efficiently filtered, so that the inside of the machine is under positive pressure to avoid dust and effectively protect the operation panel from man-made damage.

4. Double-station and double-piece lamination of the flip-type platform, each station can paste 2 pieces (5 inches) at the same time, and the cylinder is driven to minimize the occurrence of mechanical failures and the alignment accuracy of the product (±0, 1mm), which greatly improves production efficiency while ensuring stability, speed: 12s/2PCS

5. The upper mold indenter can select the appropriate mold structure to produce according to the customer's needs, and can produce up to 10 inches of screen (single piece). The lower mold has a heating function, and it is attached with a suitable temperature to reduce the rebound rate of bubbles.

6. Meet the hard-to-hard vacuum bonding of Cover lens To ITO sensor

7. Capacity: 600PCS/hour, calculated at 8 hours per day, 4800pCS per day

Yongquan Automation is a high-tech production enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, production and sales of a full set of production equipment for capacitive touch screens, specializing in the production of laminating equipment, defoaming equipment and hot pressing equipment. To learn more about the Soft to hard automatic laminating machine, please pay attention to Yongquan Information!



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