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Soft-to-hard laminating machine new technology of OCA automatic flap laminating machine

What is the process of Soft to hard automatic laminating machine to hard laminating machine OCA automatic turning board laminating machine?

Shenzhen Yongquan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in capacitive touch screen g+G vacuum laminating machine, G+F soft-to-hard laminating machine, G+P laminating machine, OGS bonding machine. The main laminating equipment are: vacuum laminating machine, automatic turning laminating machine, curved laminating machine, ccd registration laminating machine, acf hot press and other automatic laminating equipment, hot pressing bonding machine has pulse series and Constant temperature series, pulse double-sided bonding machine, constant temperature double-sided hot press, etc., can be customized non-standard automation equipment according to customer product requirements.

Soft to hard automatic laminating machine

Automatic flap laminating machine, also known as Soft to hard automatic laminating machine, is also an OCA laminating machine. The latest technology of Shenzhen Huakelida automatic flap laminating machine, the earliest flap laminating machine is only for the straight-faced TP, and the current flap laminating machine has more and more new technologies. The same automatic flap laminating equipment is While making the direct-face touch screen, you can also make the curved touch screen, and the effect is good. The specifications and dimensions can be customized according to customer product requirements. For more information about this automatic turning board laminating machine.

Shenzhen Yongquan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., relying on a strong development, design and production team, effective management and quality control, provides customers with a complete set of suitable production equipment solutions, and provides comprehensive after-sales services, constantly updating product technology and improving Each manufacturer's production technology and reduce production costs! !

The accuracy of the automatic turning and laminating machine is plus or minus 0.15. If the accuracy is relatively high, you can choose the CCD visual alignment system. The laminating speed is adjustable, the work efficiency is about 10S/piece, plus the manual loading and unloading time, it is calculated according to 10 hours per day , The daily output is about 3600 pieces.

Yongquan Automation is a high-tech production enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, production and sales of a full set of production equipment for capacitive touch screens, specializing in the production of laminating equipment, defoaming equipment and hot pressing equipment. To learn more about the Soft to hard automatic laminating machine, please pay attention to Yongquan Information!



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