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Why does OCA automatic laminating machine need heating?

OCA full-automatic connection laminating machine is also called "vacuum laminating machine" or "touch screen laminating machine", English "OCA laminating machine". It is an industrial automation product controlled by PLC or single-chip microcomputer, one of the equipment used for mobile phone screen bonding. The principle of bonding is to place the mobile phone LCD screen and glass cover in a vacuum box in a vacuum environment, and use the cylinder pressure of the machine to lower the inner mold of the vacuum cylinder, and completely replace the glass cover and the LCD screen on the lower mold of the vacuum cylinder. Lamination. In order to complete the key process in the repair of the mobile phone screen, that is, the "OCA bonding process".

Why is the OCA laminating machine heated? OCA laminating machine is a special adhesive used to bond transparent optical components (such as between the touch and cover of a mobile phone, etc.). It is required to be colorless and transparent, light transmittance above 90%, good bonding strength, can be cured at room temperature or heating, and has the characteristics of small curing shrinkage.

OCA full-automatic connection laminating machine

When the heating function is added to the OCA laminator, it is transferred to the screen through the upper mold heating of the OCA laminator. When the weather is relatively cold, everyone knows that these OCA glues are relatively hard, so its viscosity is not that good. You should know this if you have paid attention to it. Then, if our OCA laminating machine has a heating function, it will heat the cover plate through the upper mold and transfer it to the OCA. Then by heating the OCA, the OCA will play a softening effect and reach the OCA under normal temperature. In this case, the effect of the screen laminated with the OCA laminating machine is definitely better than the effect of the OCA laminating machine without heating function.

In short, OCA is a layer of special double-sided adhesive with optical transparency! It is professionally used in the mobile phone industry for vacuum bonding of the cover and the touch screen under the action of the OCA laminating machine. OCA optical glue has the following functions:

1. Reduce glare, reduce the loss of light emitted by LCD, increase LCD brightness and provide high transmittance, and reduce energy consumption;

2. Increase the contrast, especially the contrast under strong light;

3. The surface connection has higher strength.

The OCA full-automatic connection laminating machine has two types of products, heating and non-heating. Under normal circumstances, it can be perfectly laminated with the OCA laminating machine at room temperature, but with the improvement of technology, some OCA laminating machines are added The heating function. The main function is to change the physical properties of OCA by heating, which will make it flatter, so there will be fewer bubbles between the cover and the touch. For OCA optical glue, pressure can change the properties of the glue and increase the viscosity of the OCA glue! The transmission of a certain temperature makes the effect of OCA more perfect! It is straightforward to say that heating will make the bonding The effect is better and the bubbles are less!

Yongquan Automation is a high-tech production enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, production and sales of a full set of production equipment for capacitive touch screens, specializing in the production of laminating equipment, defoaming equipment and hot pressing equipment. For more information about OCA full-automatic connection laminating machine please follow Yongquan Information!



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