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SCA hard-to-hard bonding machine

SCA hard-to-hard bonding machine

Equipment use:

It is suitable for medium and large size G+G and full lamination of hot melt adhesive processes such as SCA/OCF; it can also be used for hard-to-hard
lamination of sizes in OCA process.


1. The machine adopts a flat structure, the upper and lower plates are heated, and vacuum bonded.

2. Using precision pressure regulating valve, the pressure control precision is high.

3. The temperature uniformity is within ±2 degrees Celsius.

4. The flatness of the machine is within 0.05mm.

5. Multiple products can be pressed simultaneously with high efficiency.

6. Manual loading and unloading, automatic laminating machine, adjustable time, temperature and pressure.

Equipment technical parameters:
model YQ-E0900 (32 inches) YQ-E1350 (55 inches) YQ-E1600 (65 inches) YQ-E2000 (75 inches)) YQ-E2250 (85 inches)
Effective size (mm) 600*900 850*1350 1000*1600 1000*2000 1300*2250
Dimensions (mm) 1500*1200*1450 2000*1600*1620 2410*2050*1920 2500*2500*2050 3600*2880*2500
Equipment power Three-phase 380V 8KW Three-phase 380V 22KW Three-phase 380V 25KW Three-phase 380V 30KW Three-phase 380V 50KW
Weight (KG) 800 1300 2800 4000 7000
working pressure 4-6bar,Φ8 4-6bar,Φ12 4-6bar,Φ12 4-6bar,Φ16 4-6bar,Φ16
Production beat Manual alignment, manual loading and unloading, automatic bonding
working environment Clean, dust-free, clean room (CLASS1000)
Operating temperature Room temperature-100℃
v ±1℃
Fitting yield (bubble offset) 99%
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