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Share five tips to solve the problem of vacuum surface fitting bubbles

How to solve the bubble problem of Vacuum curved surface bonding machine? Yongquan came to teach small skills.

Nowadays, many mobile phone screens use full-fit technology, which can effectively prevent dust from entering the screen and improve the performance of all aspects. However, there are many problems that are difficult to solve when using the full lamination technology, such as the reduction of the yield rate, and the problem of air bubbles when using the curved surface lamination machine. Yongquan has a strong technical team, summing up many years of experience, not only does the laminating machine produced will not have the problem of unclean defoaming, but also can tell the mobile phone repair business how to solve the bubble problem of the curved laminating machine.

Vacuum curved surface bonding machine

1. When fully laminating, the LCD screen must be cleaned, and there should be no residual glue problem.

2. Carry out defoaming treatment after bonding. The defoaming pressure is controlled between 5 and 8 pressures, and the temperature and constant temperature should be within 30 degrees, and the time can be 10 minutes and 15 minutes.

3. At present, the curved surface Vacuum curved surface bonding machine is heated, and the temperature should not be too high, otherwise it is easy to reverse foam. When buying materials, try to choose some good materials.

4. When placing the glass cover, there should be no excessive adhesion, otherwise the effect of the curved surface is worse.

5. Laminate the oca dry adhesive stickers neatly, without obvious bubbles, and dust from falling into the LCD screen.

When using the automatic vacuum laminating machine, we must pay attention to the above problems to ensure that no excess bubbles remain during defoaming, and perfectly solve the bubble problem of the laminating machine. The professional editor of Yitaoshun Technology shares here on solving the bubble problem.

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