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How to automatically align OCA automatic bonding machine?

The laminating machine is used more and more widely. At present, many friends are not very clear about the automatic alignment of the OCA full-automatic connection laminating machine. The automatic alignment is not only convenient for operation, but also fully automatic operation, so how does the oca laminating machine automatically align? Let’s introduce it to you.

OCA full-automatic connection laminating machine is a key equipment in the box making process of the LCD production line. The image recognition technology has been fully analyzed, and the image recognition system of the automatic alignment laminating machine has been designed, so that it can recognize and align the upper and lower glass together with the PLC, X, Y and θ precision motion platforms to realize the equipment High-precision alignment of upper and lower platforms. Practice has proved that the use of image recognition system technology guarantees the high precision requirements of equipment alignment and greatly improves the efficiency of equipment operation.

Image recognition technology is a new technology with the most potential for development in the field of precision testing technology. It combines electronics, optical detection, image processing, and computer technologies to introduce machine vision into the machinery manufacturing industry to achieve positioning of objects. It has the outstanding advantages of non-contact, fast speed and good flexibility.

OCA full-automatic connection laminating machine

The OCA automatic laminating machine adopts a machine vision system to collect images, then the image processing unit analyzes and calculates, and transmits the results. Finally, the PLC realizes the X, Y and θ three-axis movement to realize the automatic movement of the glass on the platform and the glass on the upper substrate. Positioning. In the positioning process, the image acquisition and analysis and calculation of the machine vision system play the most important role.

The machine vision system uses a CCD camera to convert the captured target into an image signal, which is sent to the image processing system and converted into a digital signal; the image recognition system performs various operations on these signals to extract target features and output analysis results. As the main controller, PLC processes the received data, sends running signals, controls the direction and distance of the motor, and realizes precise alignment.

The above is a brief introduction on how to automatically align the oca laminating machine. Have you mastered it? If you have a friend who needs to buy a laminating machine, you can contact our company and provide free teaching.

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