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Yongquan automation equipmentFull set of production equipment for capacitive touch screen

Large size automatic defoamer

Large size automatic defoamer

Equipment use:

It is suitable for eliminating bubbles generated during the full bonding process of TFT+polarizer and cover
plate+OCA glue, TFT+polarizer and cover plate+SCA glue, LCM+OCA glue, LCM+SCA glue, and LCM+TP.


1. The pressure vessel cavity and flange of the equipment are made of SUS304.

2. The pressure vessel cavity is a qualified product certified by the National Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, with a safety certificate attached.

3. Mitsubishi PLC and man-machine interface operation are simpler and more intuitive and convenient.

4. The heating mode can choose three working modes: simultaneous heating and pressurization, first heating and then pressurizing, and first pressurizing
and then heating.

5. Multi-stage temperature control, multi-stage heating, circulating air, reasonable layout.

6. The equipment is equipped with a safety interlocking device that combines mechanical, electric and pneumatic circuits. It has the functions of an
over-temperature alarm device to stop heating, and over-pressure alarm to shut off air; high safety factor in the production process, short defoaming time,
convenient operation, etc. Features.

Equipment technical parameters:
Pressure vessel size Φ1000*1200mm Φ1300*2000mm Φ1600*2400mm Φ2000*3000mm
Equipment size (mm) 2200*1550*1920 3050*2150*2100 3700*2700*2350 5200*2950*2500
Equipment power Three-phase 380V 50HZ 12KW Three-phase 380V 50HZ 22KW Three-phase 380V 50HZ 22KW Three-phase 380V 50HZ 60KW
working pressure 0.4-0.8MPA
Temperature control accuracy ±2℃
Defoaming pressure accuracy ±0.002Mpa
temperature range Room temperature-100°C
working environment Clean, dust-free, clean room (CLASS1000)
heating method Resistance heating
Maximum pressure of pressure tank 1.0Mpa
control program Mitsubishi PLC programmable controller
Door opening method Automatic door opening


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