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What are the performance characteristics of soft-to-hard automatic laminating machine?

The Soft to hard automatic laminating machine is one of the medium-sized automation series equipment, which is mainly developed for the laminating process of various Touchpanel, Touch, Lens and other optical components. It fundamentally eliminates the air bubbles generated during laminating, and the anti-gravity vacuum unit, Avoid functional defects such as stretching and indentation of Newton's rings during the laminating process. The soft-to-hard laminating machine is suitable for rigid/flexible bonding between glass substrates and various functional films and rigid/flexible bonding between films.

1. Main features of soft-to-hard laminating machine:

The operation is stable, no vibration, and the operation cycle is 7 times/1min

Substrate thickness: 0, 1~10mm

Flat fit, less bubbles, no wrinkles, no Newton’s rings

Simple operation, convenient adjustment and high efficiency

Sensitive to changes in processing dimensions

While ensuring quality, it simplifies the operating requirements of the operators

Soft to hard automatic laminating machine

2. Performance characteristics of soft-to-hard laminating machine:

Select brand PLC plus man-machine interface, reliable action and simple operation

Operate the touch screen to conveniently set technical parameters and online monitoring

Possess the ability to self-dissipate static electricity to avoid pollution caused by electrostatic dust collection

Polarizer positioning is not affected by the attached rubber roller to ensure its positioning accuracy

The main components are made of imported aluminum alloy, which has undergone fine processing and grinding treatment, and low temperature oxidation ensures hardness and stable operation

The maximum processing size of the soft-to-hard laminating machine is products under 21 inches, which is compatible with small sizes. The soft-to-hard laminating machine is mainly self-service side positioning, and the equipment is fine: ±0, 1mm. The positioning point can be changed according to the product. The replacement type is very convenient, especially suitable for small batches and diversified production. It can complete high-speed and accurate production. The equipment adopts high-precision motor movement, and the moving speed is uniform and stable without any vibration of the equipment and products.

Yongquan Automation is a high-tech production enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, production and sales of a full set of production equipment for capacitive touch screens, specializing in the production of laminating equipment, defoaming equipment and hot pressing equipment. To learn more about the Soft to hard automatic laminating machine, please pay attention to Yongquan Information!



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