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Be "cautious" when starting the vacuum curved surface bonding machine!

What do I need to do to start the Vacuum curved surface bonding machine? Yongquan came to introduce.

At present, the biggest difficulty facing the mobile phone screen repair industry is to repair the curved screen. A curved screen can move more than a thousand. Not to mention that consumers can not afford to be injured. For the screen repairer, the pressure is definitely more than that. If everything is done well, then everything will be overturned and you can only ha ha ha.

As the best assistant for repairing curved screens, the importance of the curved surface laminating machine is naturally highlighted at this time, because the screen restoration is to go through screen cutting, root cable position/handset position vinyl removal...steel wire separation, The test of removing glue and cleaning the screen has come to the step of laminating machine. It can be seen that laminating is the key link of screen restoration, and the performance of curved surface laminating machine is very important, so how should we choose?

Vacuum curved surface bonding machine

Time is money. If the screen needs to be reworked, it will not only extend the working time of the maintenance master, but also increase the maintenance pressure and the probability of damage. Therefore, the curved screen has to be in place in terms of alignment and fitting effect. This is the mastery of the law and the machine. The precision requirements are very high, and the LCD/cover/OCA glue precise positioning mold equipped with the curved surface laminating machine easily solves the problem of inaccurate positioning; in addition, the curved screen is generally a flexible screen, which increases the screen Maintenance is difficult, and the curved surface laminating machine can monitor the vacuum and pressure in real time through the vacuum gauge and pressure gauge data, which can greatly improve the screen bonding yield.

Take the Samsung S8 curved screen as an example. After separating the LCD from the middle frame, use alcohol to clean the screen, and then use the OCA glue mold to align the cover plate, which saves time and reduces bubbles. The flexible design of the curved surface laminating machine can directly start the cover plate and the regulating valve when the cover plate is attached, thus reducing the pressure adjustment process. The laminated cover or liquid crystal is almost bubble-free, but UV curing is required to prevent the screen from returning to bubbles. Of course, while the performance of the equipment keeps up with the demand, we also need to pay attention to the parameter settings and operation techniques of the equipment.

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