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Yongquan automation equipmentFull set of production equipment for capacitive touch screen

Large-size cage attaching machine

Large-size cage attaching machine

Equipment use:

This equipment is suitable for the soft-to-hard, soft-to-soft, and hard-to-hard bonding of 65-98 inches (including 98 inches) glass, optical adhesive OCA
and conductive film FILM; the film adopts CCD automatic alignment, with high alignment accuracy. The product fits well.


1. Adopt the reverse stick structure to ensure no bubbles at the tail.

2. Adopt special roller structure to ensure no indentation at the starting position.

3. CCD vision images take pictures, and the three-axis UVW platform controlled by servo motor automatically aligns.

4. Both edge grabbing and mark grabbing can realize automatic alignment, which has a wide range of applications.

5. Enhance the suction power of the flipping platform to achieve soft-to-soft and soft-to-hard compatibility.

6. The equipment adopts Japanese SMC starter components and high-precision moving parts, with stable operation and high fitting accuracy.

Equipment technical parameters:
model YQ-E2098
Effective size (mm) 1500*2250mm
Dimensions (mm) 4500*4300*1900mm
Equipment power Three-phase 380V 50HZ 18KW
working pressure 4-6bar dry air source Φ16
Weight (KG) 4000
Capacity About 150sec/PCS
Equipment yield 99.5%
Fitting method Manual loading and unloading, CCD automatic alignment, roller movement automatic bonding
Fitting accuracy ±0.15mm (except for standard mark/product material factors)
working environment Clean, dust-free, clean room (CLASS100)
Static elimination device The left and right working tables are covered with ion wind rods
Peripheral safety device Cover safety grating


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