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Main performance and technical operation rules of vacuum curved surface bonding machine

When it comes toVacuum curved surface bonding machine, the keyword may be a familiar device for friends in the mobile phone repair industry! With the rapid development of the mobile phone industry and the rise of the repair industry, vacuum laminating machines have become one of the indispensable equipment in the mobile phone repair industry. Why are vacuum laminating machines so popular? In fact, the vacuum laminating machine glues the panel and the touch together in a seamless manner. The full lamination technology makes the touch screen of the lamination mobile phone accurate, basically without bubbles. The so-called vacuum laminating machine can achieve vacuum, mainly relying on the vacuum pump to suck the vacuum, and then control the vacuum degree through the solenoid valve. The biggest advantage of vacuum for laminated products is that it can effectively remove air bubbles.

1. Main performance of Vacuum curved surface bonding machine

1. The vacuum laminating machine has the ability of self-dissipation of static electricity to prevent pollution caused by static dust collection.

2. Vacuum sealing and bonding make the screen not easy to move, and the bubbles are small and close to nothing.

3. Purification treatment in the work area avoids the occurrence of defects due to dust.

4. It does not dry like water glue and will not have a bad effect on the screen. It is not afraid of damaging the backlight for iPhone and domestic screens with backlight.

Second, the classification of vacuum surface laminating machine

1. Automatic vacuum laminating machine

In the automatic vacuum laminating machine, the so-called automation is actually adding a five-bar cylinder to the vacuum laminating machine, so that when the screen is placed in the tray, after pressing the start button, the machine will automatically send the screen in The inside of the cylinder is then pressed together. Therefore, the automatic vacuum laminating machine is a type that most will choose, not only the laminating effect is good, but also the work efficiency can be greatly increased.

2. Semi-automatic vacuum laminating machine

Compared with the automatic vacuum laminating machine, the semi-automatic vacuum laminating machine has an additional manual push action, so it needs to be used with manual labor. Because the tray of the semi-automatic vacuum laminating machine is manually fed into the cylinder and then pressed by the start button, its efficiency is naturally lower than that of the automatic one. But because its price is very economical and practical, it is mainly suitable for customers in small repair shops.

3. Integrated vacuum laminating machine

The integrated vacuum laminating machine is a laminating machine in which the vacuum pump is built in the laminating machine and the original pneumatic is changed to electric. It is mainly through heating, and time pressure to achieve this kind of bonding without bubbles, directly pressing for a few minutes without defoaming, so the technical aspects must be mastered very well. This type of vacuum laminating machine takes 2 minutes to 5 minutes to press each screen, which is much slower than the split laminating machine

Vacuum curved surface bonding machine

3. Common faults and solutions of vacuum laminating machine

1. The running speed of the vacuum cylinder of the laminating machine is too slow or too fast

Troubleshooting method: Check whether the cut-off valve corresponding to the vacuum cylinder is adjusted to the proper position. There are two regulating valves behind the laminating machine that can adjust the operating speed of the vacuum cylinder.

2. The vacuum cylinder of the laminating machine does not drop

The method of troubleshooting: Check whether the interface position of the sensor is intact, and manually check whether the cylinder descends normally. There is also to check whether the vacuum pump can work normally.

3. The vacuum of the vacuum gauge of the laminating machine cannot be drawn

Troubleshooting method: check whether the sealing cylinder of the laminating machine forms a seal when it is operating, and whether the vacuum pump used by the laminating machine is in normal use. Is the area in a plateau?

4. The heating system of the laminating machine is not working

Troubleshooting method: check whether the temperature control is used normally

5. The vacuum pump of the laminating machine has been working

Troubleshooting method: The power cord of the vacuum pump is not plugged into the back of the laminating machine but directly plugged into the power strip. Check whether the relay of the laminating machine is normal and whether the vacuum pump is refueling.

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