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How to solve the problem of mobile phone screen explosion repair by OCA automatic laminating machine?

OCA full-automatic connection laminating machine, touch screen separator, de-gluing machine, vacuum defoaming machine, oca laminating machine, air compressor, and dust-free workbench are the most basic tools; glass cover, middle frame, housing, oca optical glue, Polarizers, steel wires, glue removal, etc. are the basic consumables required for repairing a broken screen.

In the first step, we use a separator. Its function is to separate the burst glass cover on the LCD screen from the liquid crystal.

The method of use is to turn on the power of the separator, and when the temperature rises to the set value, place the LCD screen on the heating plate, fix it by vacuum adsorption, and then separate it with steel wire.

In the second step, a glue remover is used. Its function is to remove the glue remaining on the LCD screen after separation.

OCA full-automatic connection laminating machine

The method of use is: turn on the power switch, wait for the temperature to rise to a certain set value, and place the separated liquid crystal on the heating plate. Then press down on the side where the blade is installed, pay attention and don't hurt the LCD screen, and then push the heating plate inside. Then the glue can be removed. But it's not clean enough, we need to scrub with glue for a second time. To achieve a complete removal effect,

The third step is to use a laminating machine, which is used to paste oca glue or polarizer.

How to use: Put the LCD screen in the mold of the laminating machine, and then align the oca glue or polarizer to one side. Then use the push panel on the laminated surface to push to the side of the LCD screen. The speed must be uniform to achieve a certain effect.

The fourth step is to use a laminating machine, which is used to bond the oca glue to the glass cover.

How to use: First turn on the power switch, then align the LCD screen and the cover with a water-based mold on the outside, and then take it out and place it on the heating plate. Then press the start button on the left and right sides of the machine, and then the machine will automatically carry out the fitting process, and it only takes 10 seconds to fit perfectly.

The fifth step is to use a defoaming machine. Its function is to remove the vacuum bubbles on the LCD screen after the laminating machine is laminated.

How to use: Turn on the defoamer and put the LCD screen in it. Then close the sliding door so that you can press the start button, and the defoaming can be completed in a few minutes.

Attention to detail
The first is that the temperature must reach the set value when separating, and the temperature cannot be too high to avoid damage to the screen.
Pay attention to detail 2: In addition to the glue, the glue must be cleaned
Pay attention to detail 3: This is the key, which is to choose a good oca optical glue, so that the screen produced in this way can guarantee that it will not turn yellow and will not bubble.

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