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Yongquan automation equipmentFull set of production equipment for capacitive touch screen

Vacuum laminating machine for 3D curved surface

Vacuum laminating machine for 3D curved surface

Equipment use:

1. Used for bonding the 3D curved glass protective sheet and protective film.

2. Used for bonding the 3D curved glass cover plate and the tear film.

3. Used for bonding the 3D curved cover plate and the OLED.


1. The equipment adopts Japanese SMC pneumatic components and high-precision moving parts.

2. Adopt Japanese Fuji servo and step precision control to ensure the precision of fitting.

3. It adopts Mitsubishi PLC and touch screen control, convenient setting and stable use.

4. Automatic film loading, automatic tear-off film, CCD visual alignment, vacuum attachment and automatic unloading.

Equipment technical parameters:
Equipment size (mm) 2400*1600*2250 Applicable size Within 7 inches
equipment weight 2.0T Counterpoint CCD visual alignment
Equipment power AC220V /10A 50HZ 9KW (power supply optional) Fitting accuracy ±0.1MM
working pressure 0.4~0.6Mpa Photo thickness 0.2-0.5MM
working environment 20-40℃ clean, dust-free, clean room Attaching method Vacuum attachment
Operating temperature 40%-90% Productivity 240-300PCS/H
Operation cycle 12-15S Program control Electric circuit control


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